Elementor Pro Part 1

Elementor Pro Part 1

In this video, you’ll learn how to use several key features of the Pro Version of Elementor.

You’ll learn how to create and customize the following:


The Slides element makes it easy to quickly create custom slideshows with background colors and images, headings, text, and customizable, clickable buttons. You’ll be able to control slide transitions and content animations as well as customize your color and typography options for every aspect of your slideshow. You’ll also learn about boxed layout, full-width, and full screen slideshow options.

Advanced Contact Forms

The Forms element included with the Elementor Pro makes it easy to create advanced form fields so that you can collect a wide variety of data types. You’ll learn how to use standard text fields, message fields, and email fields and you’ll also learn about advanced form types such as radio options, checkboxes, and selection option form field types. Everything can be customized so you’ll be able to control what your forms actually say as well as all of your styling options including typography, font color, background color, form field borders and more.

Blog Posts Filtering and Display Options

The Posts element enables you to display blog posts in sophisticated ways. You’ll be able to use advanced query options to determine exactly what blog posts show up and you can specify exactly how you want your blog posts to appear with the style options included with Elementor Pro. This can be done anywhere on your site so if you want to include blog posts from specific categories on multiple pages throughout your site, the Posts element makes this easy to do.

Countdown Timer

The Countdown element enables you to create a sense of urgency or scarcity on your site. You’ll be able to set up your WordPress clock and specify a deadline for your countdown timer. You can place countdown timers anywhere on your site and you can customize your timer’s appearance options.



How to Add a Slide Show to a WordPress Site

This video is a follow up video to one of my full length website design tutorials that walks you through the process of creating a website from start to finish and uses the same WordPress theme that is used in this video.  That video can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPR_I00comE

In this video, I walk you through how to add a slide show to any page on your WordPress website.  The slide show plugin is called “Easing Slider Lite” and you can easily add your slideshow to any of your web pages.

I also show you a free stock photography website called pixaby and teach you how to crop your photos to fit properly in your slide show with a web application called PIXLR.

Beautiful YouTube Video Gallery Plugin For WordPress

For an extensive full link tutorial on how to create a custom website with WordPress using the same theme as the one I used for this tutorial, check out:

In this tutorial video, I demonstrate how to use a Free WordPress plugin called TubePress to create a clean looking YouTube gallery for your website.  The gallery will display thumbnail images of the YouTube videos that will open up in a YouTube player when clicked.

You have complete control over which videos you want to display in your gallery.  I will demonstrate how to:
-Display videos from your playlist or from any playlist on YouTube
-Display videos from a particular YouTube channel

This is a great plugin for people who have a YouTube channel or who want to display a lot of YouTube videos on their website.  This is a great addition to a website and will definitely give you a professional look.

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You can also have as many unique video galleries as you want.  If for example you wanted to have a gallery on page 1 with a playlist with the ID of PL976B63B19B10843A and on page 2 you wanted a Gallery consisting of videos from a playlist with the ID of 6FB4C94909198AB7, your shortcode for page 1 would look like:

[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PL976B63B19B10843A”]

and your shortcode for the gallery for page 2 would be:

[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”6FB4C94909198AB7″]

For more examples, visit:

How to Use a WordPress Social Media Plugin

Learn How to Create a Blog with WordPress Using the Humix theme (this is the theme in the video and this tutorial is definitely comprehensive): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-zexszNgbE

In this video tutorial, I demonstrate step by step exactly how to install a WordPress social media plugin called social media feather.

You will learn how to easily integrate your social media pages like Facebook, twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more with your WordPress website. This plugin comes with social media icons that can display as a widget in any widgetized area of your WordPress website.

Also, this plugin is light-weight which means it won’t cause your pages to load slowly. This plugin also has great reviews so it should be compatible with most WordPress themes.

This is a great way to grow your blog through your existing readers as it enables them to easily share your blog post content with their followers!

The plugin has two main features:

1) Social Sharing – you can choose to enable the social sharing functionality of the plugin at the end of every blog post so that users can click on the social media platform of their choice and share a URL of your content with their own followers. The URL is generated automatically which is a great feature of the plugin.

2) Social Following – you can easily build up your own social following through the different social media platforms by choosing which social media icons you want to appear in your sidebar or any widgetized part of your site. You can easily link your social media pages to these icons so that when users click on the icons that are on display as a widget, they will be directed to your social media pages.

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