Download the free Elementor PDF Guide:

In this comprehensive tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the free Generate Press theme and the free Elementor Page Builder. Elementor allows you to customize 100% of the content between your website’s header and footer. This means you’ll be able to create world-class, custom web designs with no coding or coding knowledge necessary.

The demo site that I show you how to create step-by-step is:

This tutorial is definitely more thorough and more sophisticated that most of my previous tutorials because there is just so much you can do with the Elementor Page Builder. With that said, the video is designed so that absolute beginners can follow along and recreate the exact website that I demonstrate (although most people will need to watch certain sections more than once to fully grasp the process).

I also encourage you to download my free PDF guide that includes and Elementor introduction as well as all of the Demo text and links to all the images and video I use. This way, you can easily follow along and imitate the examples on your own site, using the demo content. I strongly believe that the best way to learn anything is by doing so the PDF guide is there for you to make it a little easier for you to go through the examples on your own WordPress site.

Some of the things covered in this tutorial are:

  • Setting up a domain name and hosting account
  • Installing WordPress
  • Coming up with a custom color scheme
  • Creating a Logo
  • Installing the Generate Press theme
  • Installing the Elementor Page Builder
  • Creating virtually unlimited custom layouts
  • Adding background colors, images and videos to any section on your site
  • Controlling all of your website fonts with over 600 Google fonts
  • Using some of the 400 icons included with Elementor
  • Much more…