Create a Custom Website the Origami Theme

The Origami theme from is a great theme to use if you are looking for something simple and effective.  Site Origin also has a plugin called Page Builder that allows you to customize the layout of your site on any page which enables you to have even more control over your content.  For example, if you want to have 1 row with 3 columns and 1 column with 1 row below that, no problem.  The Site Origin Page Builder plugin makes this possible.

You can look at the actual website I show you how to create here:

How to Make a WordPress Website and Blog – 2013!

In this video, I show you how to make a website using WordPress from start to finish and do not skip any steps whatsoever.  I also show you how to make a blog.  The website you’ll learn how to create is extremely professional and uses the amazing Customizr WordPress theme.  I’m going to cover a lot of ground with this video but even as a complete beginner, you will be able to follow along and make an awesome website!

Things covered in this video include:
– Setting up a domain name and hosting account with
– Getting your first month of web hosting for just 1 cent
– Installing WordPress
– Installing a free, professional WordPress theme called Customizr
– Customizing theme settings
– Creating pages and using the WordPress visual editor
– Creating navigation menus
– Setting up a professional looking slide show and featured pages on the home page
– Using a free stock photo website
– Using a free online application to re-size your images
– Linking social media pages to your site
– Adding social media sharing functionality to your pages and blog posts
– Using WordPress plugins
– Enhancing your site with free, professional Google Web Fonts
– Creating a contact form
– Setting up and organizing a blog
– Creating amazing image galleries
– Using widgets and sidebar layouts
– Creating a custom logo with free online tools
– Basic WordPress settings and more

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How to Embedd a Google Calendar Onto a WordPress Website

In this step-by-step tutorial video, I demonstrate how to set up a Google Calendar and then embed that Calendar onto a page on your WordPress site.  This is great for people that have events that they would like to display with a calendar on their website.

I also show you how to use hyperlinks with your Google Calendar so that users can be directed to other webpages such as a ticket purchasing page or a PayPal page directly from the calendar that is embedded on the website.

I will also show you how to use the recurring events feature with Google Calendar so that you only have to input data one time for these types of events.

You will also learn how to re-size the Calendar and use the “No Sidebars” template so that the Calendar will display full width on your webpage.

If you are interested in building the custom website I used in this video, check out the step-by-step comprehensive tutorial at:

Beautiful YouTube Video Gallery Plugin For WordPress

For an extensive full link tutorial on how to create a custom website with WordPress using the same theme as the one I used for this tutorial, check out:

In this tutorial video, I demonstrate how to use a Free WordPress plugin called TubePress to create a clean looking YouTube gallery for your website.  The gallery will display thumbnail images of the YouTube videos that will open up in a YouTube player when clicked.

You have complete control over which videos you want to display in your gallery.  I will demonstrate how to:
-Display videos from your playlist or from any playlist on YouTube
-Display videos from a particular YouTube channel

This is a great plugin for people who have a YouTube channel or who want to display a lot of YouTube videos on their website.  This is a great addition to a website and will definitely give you a professional look.

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You can also have as many unique video galleries as you want.  If for example you wanted to have a gallery on page 1 with a playlist with the ID of PL976B63B19B10843A and on page 2 you wanted a Gallery consisting of videos from a playlist with the ID of 6FB4C94909198AB7, your shortcode for page 1 would look like:

[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PL976B63B19B10843A”]

and your shortcode for the gallery for page 2 would be:

[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”6FB4C94909198AB7″]

For more examples, visit:

How to Use a WordPress Social Media Plugin

Learn How to Create a Blog with WordPress Using the Humix theme (this is the theme in the video and this tutorial is definitely comprehensive):

In this video tutorial, I demonstrate step by step exactly how to install a WordPress social media plugin called social media feather.

You will learn how to easily integrate your social media pages like Facebook, twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more with your WordPress website. This plugin comes with social media icons that can display as a widget in any widgetized area of your WordPress website.

Also, this plugin is light-weight which means it won’t cause your pages to load slowly. This plugin also has great reviews so it should be compatible with most WordPress themes.

This is a great way to grow your blog through your existing readers as it enables them to easily share your blog post content with their followers!

The plugin has two main features:

1) Social Sharing – you can choose to enable the social sharing functionality of the plugin at the end of every blog post so that users can click on the social media platform of their choice and share a URL of your content with their own followers. The URL is generated automatically which is a great feature of the plugin.

2) Social Following – you can easily build up your own social following through the different social media platforms by choosing which social media icons you want to appear in your sidebar or any widgetized part of your site. You can easily link your social media pages to these icons so that when users click on the icons that are on display as a widget, they will be directed to your social media pages.

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WordPress Blogging Tutorial For Beginners

In my last full length WordPress video, I showed you how to create a website with the Twenty Twelve WordPress theme.   In this video, you’ll learn about creating a BLOG from start to finish using a free professional theme from called the “Humix” theme.

Some of the same things covered in this video are also in the last video.  Things like installing a contact form plugin and using the photo editing application PIXLR are explained but I definitely think you’ll enjoy learning about the blogging functionality of WordPress and working with the Humix theme.

You’ll also learn how to create an image slide show on the blog page with the Humix theme!

Things covered in this tutorial include:

  • Setting up a domain name and hosting account with
  • Getting your first month of web hosting for just 1 cent
  • Installing WordPress on your hosting account
  • Downloading and installing a free professional WordPress theme
  • Finding free, high quality, public domain icons and photos
  • Using a free online application to create a logo and edit photos.
  • Creating pages and blog posts
  • Understanding blogging functionality including user comments and categories
  • Using the visual editor to add images and customize text
  • Creating a custom navigation menu with optional drop down menus
  • Adding an optional slideshow to the blog page with your own pictures and captions
  • Embedding youtube videos
  • Installing a contact form plugin and more!

This is going to be the first video in a series “Blogging with WordPress” videos so stay tuned!  I’m going to be covering things like basic search engine optimization, starting a mailing list, adding social media plugins, etc..

I hope you enjoy!